Weekend vs. Weekday AMC Ticket Prices?

5 minute read | Published: April 03, 2024 | Updated: May 26, 2024

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Watching a movie on a weekend

So here’s the good news: movie ticket prices at AMC are the same throughout the week. It doesn’t matter what day of the week you go – weekend or weekday prices remain the same.

That being said, the time of day you go will determine the price of your movie ticket. Prices also vary for different movie theater formats like IMAX, REALD 3D and DOLBY CINEMA.

Confused? Let’s discuss further.

Matinee AMC Ticket Prices

Every day before 4PM, AMC theaters offer a fantastic deal – 20 to 25% off movie tickets (based on regular evening rates). This means if the evening adult rate is $17.99, you’ll only pay around $14 if you watch the movie before 4PM.

If you’re on a budget, AMC matinee shows are definitely a good option. Some AMC locations will have showtimes that start as early as 10:45 AM while others have showtimes beginning at 1:00 PM. You can check the actual movie schedules on the AMC website to be certain.

Ticket Prices Based on Movie Theater Formats

AMC Theatres feature premium movie watching experiences with the different movie theater formats they have. With Real D® 3D, Dolby Cinema®, and IMAX® technologies, you can watch your favorite movies complete in superior acoustics and richer imagery.

AMC reserved seats offer comfort and convenience, ensuring your favorite spot is always waiting. Enjoy your movie hassle-free!

But before you imagine yourself relaxing in one of their luxe recliners and munching on their famous popcorn, understand that these premium amenities come with a higher price tag.

luxe seats AMC

Real D® 3D ticket prices range from $18 to $23 for adults. Dolby Cinema® ticket prices, on the other hand, range from $20 to $25. IMAX® ticket prices also range from $20 to $25. Prices for children and seniors are slightly lower.

Take note that you can also avail the discounted ticket prices for these if you choose morning and afternoon showtimes (before 4PM).

When to Go to the Movies – Weekday vs. Weekend

We already know movie prices don’t change based on the day of the week you go. But if you’re still undecided on when is the best time to go to the theaters, seasoned movie buffs say the best days are Monday to Wednesday.

In fact, if you’ve signed up for AMC Stubs, you can even get movie tickets for $5 to $7 on Tuesdays.

But if you enjoy the crowds then Fridays and Saturdays are your best bet. The energy is higher on these days especially for popular and much anticipated films. You can expect to be sharing laughter, tears, applause and cheers with everyone in the theater as the movie plays.

How to Save Money When Buying AMC Tickets

Throughout this blog, I’ve written several articles that provide tips on how you can get lower movie ticket prices at AMC but let me save you the time finding them and share these tips here instead:

First, watch movies in the morning, noon or anytime before 4PM. They are at least 20% cheaper compared to the evening tickets.

Next, try to schedule your trip to the cinema on a Tuesday. Movie tickets are discounted on this particular day of the week. Better yet, be an AMC Stubs A-List, Premier or Insider member so you can get a small sized drink and popcorn combo for just $5. I’d also like to add that premium formats (except DreamScape) are included in this promo however they usually have a surcharge.

If you have a student ID, a military ID or a senior citizen ID, you may also be entitled to a discounted ticket price. Kids under 12 also have discounted rates.

Testimonials from AMC Customers

My whole family is a big fan of AMC. We’ve gone to Regal a few times, as well as Landmark but we keep going back to AMC. While the pandemic certainly kept us from going to the box office, it’s good to finally be able to watch movies in an actual theater, just like the old times – except that this time, everything’s so much better with luxury recliners, crisp audio and imagery and an updated menu.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are other people’s experiences at AMC (published on Trustpilot):

Reginald Torres

AMC is the best!

The AMCs in my region have all upgraded to heated/cooled recliners in all theatres and the audio is top notch IMAX/Dolby Atmos level and above throughout. The most recent updated theatres have full on bar and food now. The quality of service provided, cleanliness, and quality of theatre beats most other theatres I’ve been to in my area by a landslide. And while my home theater is quite good, I appreciate the experience from going to the actual AMC cinemas.



AMC theaters are the only place to watch a movie, it is by far the best movie experience out there. Every aspect of AMC is Top notch, their food, drinks, clean theaters, clean bathrooms. AMC also has the best CEO ever!!! Adam Aron is running this company great and expanding their profits by bring the best popcorn to the shelves for consumers to enjoy at home. AMC is fighting the good fight to keep the movie theaters alive and for families to enjoy for years to come Bc Ken Griffen wants to destroy this company and will do it any way possible even going as far as lying to congress under oath. Citadel is a corrupt company who stands for greed and will lie and cheat to keep their wealth. AMC TO THE MOON!!!!

busy day at AMC

Kevin Stafford

AMC #1

Whenever I go to my local AMC (Cartersville, GA), they always have fresh popcorn, great refreshments and the cleanest & nicest seats. Their offering of foods, snacks and candies is second to none. I joined AMC Stubs A-List in 2019. I’ll always choose AMC over other theaters whenever I can. They do help make movies “better”.

Out & About

The atmosphere

The atmosphere, the smell of AMC Perfectly Popcorn, the collectable buckets, the reclining heated seats, the A List Stubs Membership, the memories, the merchandise…the list goes on! AMC MAKES MOVIES BETTER!!

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