How Much Do AMC Tickets Cost?

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As the largest chain of movie theaters in the country, AMC offers plenty of options for cinephiles. But if this is your first time to go, or if you haven’t watched a film at any of their theaters lately, you’re probably wondering how much do AMC tickets cost nowadays, right?

In that case, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll discuss the ticket prices in this post, along with other relevant details about this cinema circuit giant.

How AMC’s Pricing Structure Works

AMC sets ticket prices based on several factors. Location plays a big role—prices can differ between cities and even neighborhoods. Time of day matters too, with evenings and weekends often costing more.

The type of motion picture film format also affects pricing. Standard films are usually the cheapest option, while 3D and IMAX screenings usually cost more due to the enhanced viewing experience.

And of course, like other cinemas, AMC offers discounts for certain groups. Seniors, students, and military personnel can often get reduced-price tickets by showing their valid ID.

AMC Ticket Prices

Here are the latest AMC ticket prices for your reference:



Morning Showtimes

Adult (Dine-In) (Morning)$6.99
Child (2-12) (Dine-In) (Morning)$6.99
Senior (60+) (Dine-In) (Morning)$6.99

Noon Showtimes

Adult (Dine-In) (Noon)$12.39
Child (2-12) (Dine-In) (Noon)$10.89
Senior (60+) (Dine-In) (Noon)$10.89

Afternoon and Evening Showtimes

Adult (Dine-In) (Afternoon and Evening)$14.89
Child (2-12) (Dine-In) (Afternoon and Evening)$11.89
Senior (60+) (Dine-In) (Afternoon and Evening)$13.39


Morning Showtimes

Adult (Dolby Cinema) (Morning)$12.49
Child (2-12) (Dolby Cinema) (Morning)$12.49
Senior (60+) (Dolby Cinema) (Morning)$12.49

Noon Showtimes

Adult (Dolby Cinema) (Noon)$17.89
Child (2-12) (Dolby Cinema) (Noon)$16.39
Senior (60+) (Dolby Cinema) (Noon)$16.39

Afternoon and Evening Showtimes

Adult (Dolby Cinema) (Afternoon and Evening)$20.39
Child (2-12) (Dolby Cinema) (Afternoon and Evening)$17.39
Senior (60+) (Dolby Cinema) (Afternoon and Evening)$18.90


Noon Showtimes

Adult (IMAX 3D) (Noon)$18.39
Child (2-12) (IMAX 3D) (Noon)$16.89
Senior (60+) (IMAX 3D) (Noon)$16.89

Afternoon and Evening Showtimes

Adult (IMAX 3D) (Afternoon and Evening)$20.89
Child (2-12) (IMAX 3D) (Afternoon and Evening)$17.89
Senior (60+) (IMAX 3D) (Afternoon and Evening)$19.40


Noon Showtimes

Adult (RealD 3D) (Noon)$16.39
Child (2-12) (RealD 3D) (Noon)$14.89
Senior (60+) (RealD 3D) (Noon)$14.89

Afternoon and Evening Showtimes

Adult (RealD 3D) (Afternoon and Evening)$18.89
Child (2-12) (RealD 3D) (Afternoon and Evening)$15.89
Senior (60+) (RealD 3D) (Afternoon and Evening)$17.39


For those who enjoy dining while watching a movie, the AMC DINE-IN option has the following rates:

  • Morning showtimes for adults, children, and seniors are all priced at $6.99.
  • Noon showtimes see a bump in prices to $12.39 for adults and $10.89 for children and seniors.
  • Afternoon and evening showtimes are the most expensive, with adult tickets priced at $14.89, child tickets at $11.89, and senior tickets at $13.39.

Dolby Cinema

If you want a more immersive audiovisual experience, Dolby Cinema is the way to go.

  • Morning showtimes are priced at $12.49 for adults, children, and seniors.
  • Noon showtimes adult tickets are priced at $17.89 and child and senior tickets at $16.39.
  • Afternoon and evening showtimes have adult tickets priced at $20.39, child tickets at $17.39, and senior tickets at $18.90.
IMAX and popcorn


If IMAX 3D is available, they usually only have options for noontime, afternoon and evening viewings.

  • Noon showtimes have $18.39 for adult tickets and $16.89 for kids and seniors.
  • Afternoon and evening showtimes have tickets priced around $20.89 for adults, $17.89 for children, and $19.40 for seniors.

RealD 3D

  • Adult ticket price starts at around $16.39 for noon showtimes while children’s and seniors’ ticket prices start at $14.89.
  • Afternoon and evening showtimes tickets are $18.89 for adults, $15.89 for kids, and $17.39 for seniors.

How to Save Money When Buying AMC Tickets

There are a handful of ways you can save a few bucks when watching a movie at AMC including:

Take Advantage of Discount Matinees Any Day

You can enjoy discounted tickets every day before 4pm at any AMC theater, whether it’s AMC, AMC DINE-IN, or AMC CLASSIC locations nationwide. This offer provides a 25% discount off the evening ticket prices, making any day the perfect opportunity to catch a movie while saving money.

Benefit from Discount Tuesdays for All Members

For AMC Stubs A-List, Premiere, and Insider members, savings come every week with Discount Tuesdays. Members can enjoy discounted tickets to Tuesday showtimes as part of the perks of being an AMC Stubs member. It’s just one of the many benefits awaiting members.

Seniors Enjoy Special Savings

At AMC, providing movie lovers with their favorite films at affordable prices is a priority. Guests aged 60 and above can take advantage of special savings on movie tickets every day, all day. Simply select senior pricing when purchasing tickets online and you get a discounted ticket instantly.

Senior Couple Watching Film In Cinema Laughing And Eating Popcorn

Join AMC Stubs Rewards Program

Members earn points for every dollar spent on tickets and concessions, which can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

Check for Special Promotions

Keep an eye out for special promotions and offers from AMC, such as buy-one-get-one-free deals, discounted gift cards, or limited-time promotions on tickets and concessions.

Follow AMC on Social Media

Encourage readers to follow AMC on social media platforms like Facebook, X and Instagram. AMC often posts exclusive deals, promotions, and contests for their followers.

You can also check AMC’s promo page every now and then to see if they have any ongoing deals you can take advantage of.

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