How Much Does Popcorn Cost at AMC Theaters? (2024)

5 minute read | Published: April 03, 2024 | Updated: May 1, 2024

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My friends know I watch movies at AMC a LOT so I’m usually the one answering questions like:

How much are movie tickets at AMC?

Does AMC have weekend and weekday prices?

What are the children’s ticket prices at AMC?

And interestingly, I also get asked questions about AMC popcorn prices

People want to know popcorn cost at AMC for large, regular, and small popcorn.

Others are curious about the price of the refillable popcorn bucket and collectible buckets.

And there are those who are interested in popcorn combo prices too.

Popcorn for two

Whatever question you may have about AMC’s highly sought after Perfectly Popcorn, this post has the answers you are looking for.

AMC Popcorn Prices

So how much is AMC popcorn? Let’s discuss.

First up – AMC’s Annual Popcorn Bucket for $24.99. AMC has brought back its beloved refillable popcorn bucket priced at a reasonable $24.99 plus tax. The best part? With this offer, patrons can enjoy refills for just $5.49 per visit.

For AMC Stubs members, the perks are even sweeter. You can enjoy a $4 discount on the refillable bucket price, along with a complimentary second refill on the same day. It’s a fantastic bonus that adds extra value to your movie-going experience.

ordering popcorn combos

Classic Popcorn Options

If you’re craving the classic movie theater experience, AMC offers traditional buttery popcorn in both large and regular sizes, priced at $9.99 and $8.99 respectively. If you’re in the mood for something more gourmet, indulge in a single serving of gourmet popcorn for $9.49, available in cheddar, caramel, and Hidden Valley Ranch.

You can also consider the Gourmet Popcorn Duo 85oz priced at $11.49. This option allows you to mix and match flavors, including cheddar, caramel, Hidden Valley Ranch, and traditional buttery popcorn.

Popcorn Collectibles

If you’re interested in purchasing collectible containers that come with popcorn included, several options are available at many AMC locations:

Kung Fu Panda 4 Collectibles for $19.99

This set includes a noodle bowl with popcorn pals and a large serving of popcorn, providing a fun and flavorful movie-watching experience inspired by the beloved animated film series.

Aquaman 2 Popcorn Bucket for $17.99

This themed popcorn bucket features imagery from the Aquaman film franchise, accompanied by a generous portion of popcorn.

Wish Star Popcorn Vessel for $21.99

This whimsical popcorn vessel is adorned with stars and a large serving of popcorn.

Wonka Hat Popcorn Vessel for $21.99

Step into the magical world of Willy Wonka with this charming popcorn vessel shaped like Wonka’s iconic hat, complete with large popcorn.

Popcorn Combos

AMC offers a variety of popcorn combos to enhance your movie experience. Here’s a rundown of the options available:


Treat yourself to a large serving of freshly popped, buttery popcorn, accompanied by a large fountain drink of your choice, and indulge in your favorite candy to complete the perfect movie snack trio.


AMC’s Snack Pack Combo feautures a large popcorn, two large drinks, and two candies of your choice, all bundled together for a fantastic deal. Plus, AMC Stubs A-list & Premiere members can save $2 with their free upgrade.


Keep your kids refreshed and satisfied throughout the film with this pack, which includes popcorn, fruit snacks, and a bottled water.


This combo features a large popcorn and two large drinks of your choice, providing plenty of refreshments for you and a friend. As a bonus, AMC Stubs Premiere and A-List members can save $2.00 on this deal.


The Wish Collectible Combo includes both the Wish Star CCV and the Wish Projector Light-Up projector cup, along with a large popcorn and large drink.

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Popcorn Deals at AMC

AMC Stubs members get perks such as a free popcorn upgrade to the next size, or a free popcorn refill. AMC also offers special deals on popcorn usually aligned to a specific movie such as a $5 popcorn and drink combo, or a free collectible with a popcorn product. You may check the latest offers on this page.

Final Thoughts

AMC Theatre’s buttery popcorn is always a hit among moviegoers. Some say it’s quite pricey and while I don’t necessarily disagree with this, there are ways you can buy the popcorn for less such as purchasing the refillable bucket or signing up for AMC Stubs to get free upgrades on food and drinks.

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