AMC Student Discounts: Save on Movie Tickets

5 minute read | Published: April 03, 2024 | Updated: May 04, 2024

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To get a student discount on movie tickets at AMC you need to show your student ID at the box office. But how much is the discount? It would depend on which theater you go to and time of day. It’s also worth noting that not all AMC locations offer student discounts. For AMC locations that do offer discounted pricing for students, expect to get around 25% off a movie ticket. You can only get the discount if you purchase your ticket at the box office.

Moreover, students may also be eligible for deals and discounts on food and drinks. For example, some AMC Theatres may offer the $5 Combo Just For Teens which lets you save on snacks, offering the popcorn and Cameo coke combo for five bucks simply by showing a valid student ID.

Other Ways a Student Can Get a Discounted Ticket at AMC

I was once a student paying my way through college, so I know how important discounts can be for cinephiles like myself. If you’re interested to know how else you can save on a movie ticket at AMC, here are my suggestions:

1. Watch a movie in the morning or afternoon before 4pm.

AMC has discounted matinee shows every single day before 4pm. They offer up to 25% off evening ticket prices for regular and premium tickets. I strongly suggest you check the movie schedules at to know the time slots of the movie you want to see, and pick the earlier showtime. If you’re not an AMC Stubs Premiere or A-List member, just check the schedule online and then go to the box office to buy your tickets. Non-members pay a convenience fee of about $1 to $2 when buying tickets on their website or app.

2. Watch a movie on a Tuesday.

Movie tickets are cheaper on Tuesdays. In fact, if you’re an AMC Stubs member, you’ll only pay between $5 to $7 for a movie ticket if you go on a Tuesday. This offer is available all year round.

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3. Become an AMC Stubs member.

I can’t emphasize this enough – joining AMC Stubs is oh so worth it if you’re a movie buff. I’m not saying it makes sense for everyone but if you’re anything like me, who wants to watch a movie at the theater every single weekend, then becoming an A-List member is a must. This top tier membership at AMC costs $20 per month. However, its main advantage is that it gives you 3 free movies every week.

Now, a movie ticket at AMC costs anywhere between $10 to $20, after discounts. So, if you watch a movie every weekend at the lowest possible cost ($10), you’d be spending around $40 a month. If you get the $20/month membership, you can watch up to 12 films per month at absolutely zero cost.

If you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, you can still get some perks with the lowest tier membership (free to join) which is the AMC Stubs Insider including Discount Tuesdays, $5 for every 5000 points, free large popcorn refills, free birthday gift, free wifi access and waived convenience fee for 4 tickets or more.

4. Check for Deals

AMC’s official website has a section for promotions and offers which you can check regularly for deals that may help you save money on your movie ticket, or at the very least, on food and drinks. Also, some theaters have $5 Fan Faves offer which basically means you can watch some classic or popular films for just $5 a ticket.

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Moreover, your local AMC theatres may have on-going promotions that you can take advantage of. It’s best to inquire with them directly.

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