Reserved Seating Charges at AMC

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For many theaters in the U.S. (and around the world) you can reserve the seat you want when you buy your tickets in advance. This means you don’t have to worry about getting a crappy seat especially when the movie you want to watch is a popular and highly anticipated film.

How Reserved Seating Works

I’ve recently learned that in the US, reserved seating wasn’t as popular during the early 2000s. I can just imagine how challenging it must have been to get the perfect seat for Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King back in 2003. My mom probably had to buy the tickets really early so she could get all 5 of us to sit together. Luckily, my only job back then was to buy popcorn and soda.

Anyways, how reserved seating works is simple. First you need to look for a theater that offers reserved seating. On the AMC website, you can go here. Enter your city and you will then be given a list of theater options that also indicate whether the theater offers reserved seating, matinees, Dolby cinema, AMC signature recliners and so on.

Once you’ve picked a theater that offers reserved seating, click Get Tickets and then choose the movie you want to watch as well as the time. It will then lead you to the seatmap page where you can pick your seat/s.

This seatmap will show you where the screen is, which seats are taken and which ones are available. On the next page, choose how many adult / children / seniors ticket you need. It will then take you to another page where you have the option to order snacks in advance. Click Continue then enter your payment details and you’re all set.

fully packed moviehouse

Most AMC locations offer reserved seating but  others don’t, examples are AMC Classic Lee Branch 15 and  AMC Classic Marktplatz 10.

Advantages of Reserved Seating vs. General Admission

Reserved seating isn’t just about getting the best spot in the house but it’s also about enhancing your movie-watching experience.

You Can Skip the Previews

One of the benefits of reserved seating is not having to suffer the previews. You can stroll in just in time for the feature presentation.

Choose Your Seat – No Early Birds Required

With reserved seating, you have the freedom to pick your seat in advance. Regardless of whether you want an aisle seat, a seat at the back or a front row seat, you can get this seat with ease.

It’s Ideal for Families and Groups

It’s bad enough that you have to suffer the long lines to get your movie tickets. What’s worse is going inside a packed cinema and you and your friends have to sit separately!

How Much are the Reserved Seating Charges at AMC

There’s no extra charge for getting reserved seats at AMC. All you have to do is to purchase your tickets in advance and choose from the seats available for a particular movie on the time slot you want. AMC theaters have these touch screen kiosks where you can pay for your tickets and reserve your seats.

Alternatively, you can get your tickets from the AMC website where you also get the option to reserve your seats. However, booking online may cost extra as there’s a convenience fee of about $1.50 to $2 per ticket. The good news is, if you join AMC Stubs Premiere you don’t have to pay any convenience and service fees. Enjoy discounted weekday AMC tickets for a quieter cinema experience or splurge a bit for prime weekend showings! The choice is yours for movie magic.

What to Do If Someone is in the Seat I Reserved?

Here are some of the common reasons why another person ends up on your reserved seat at the moviehouse:

They Read Their Seat Numbers Wrong

It’s a common mistake for guests to misinterpret their seat numbers and end up in the wrong row, number, or even auditorium.

They Did Not Like Their Seats and Moved to Another One

Sometimes, guests may relocate without consulting the box office or the theater staff, especially if they’re dissatisfied with their original seats.

Tickets Were Given by a Friend Without Reserved Seating Information

In some cases, they may have received the tickets from a friend and did not know there’s a seating assignment. When this happens, just advise them to double-check their seat assignments with the theater staff.

Domino Effect

Sometimes, a guest may occupy your seat because someone else took theirs, creating a chain reaction.

Wrong Date or Time

Occasionally, guests may have tickets for the wrong date or time, or they may have obtained refunded tickets that weren’t properly flagged.

If you encounter any of these situations, just remain courteous and understanding. You can always seek help from the theater staff for issues concerning reserved seats.

Interior of a cinema theater

So far, every AMC theater with reserved seating that I’ve been to have newly installed recliner seats which are larger, more comfortable and motorized. Sure, the AMC ticket prices may now be higher than before but with all the perks and comfort I get to enjoy, it’s all worth it.

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