Loyalty Programs for AMC Tickets

5 minute read | Published: April 03, 2024 | Updated: May 26, 2024

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AMC loyalty program

Many movie enthusiasts find loyalty programs appealing because they offer rewards and savings for frequent visits to cinemas. These programs incentivize repeat business by giving members points, credits, or rewards based on their spending. Benefits typically include discounted or free tickets, complimentary snacks, access to exclusive screenings and events, early movie releases, and birthday rewards. Perhaps the most popular of these loyalty programs is AMC Stubs.

What is AMC Stubs?

AMC Stubs is a loyalty program offered by AMC where members can accumulate points towards rewards, receive a complimentary gift for their birthday, enjoy waived online ticketing fees, access special deals on Tuesdays, and many more.

Individuals aged 13 or older are welcome to sign up for AMC Stubs. They can join the complimentary AMC Stubs Insider tier or elevate their experience by enrolling in the premium AMC Stubs Premiere tier. You can enroll via their website, the AMC mobile app, or by approaching an AMC staff member at a nearby AMC Theatre. Simply provide them your name, birthdate, preferred theater, and email address and you can begin enjoying the benefits of AMC Stubs membership.

AMC Stubs Tiers

AMC Stubs Insider

As an Insider you can take advantage of Discount Tuesdays, where you can catch the latest flicks for a fraction of the price. Plus you can also avail of the $5+tax price of small popcorn and fountain drink combo and a free same-day refills on your large popcorn.

You’ll also get $5 rewards earned for every 5,000 points, waived online ticket fees for groups of 4 or more, and complimentary Wi-Fi access. And if it’s your birthday, you will receive a complimentary large popcorn and free refill.

AMC Stubs Premiere

With Premiere, you won’t be charged online ticket fees even if you’re only buying a single ticket. You’ll also get to enjoy free size upgrades on your popcorn and fountain drinks, a complimentary large popcorn and fountain drink on your birthday, plus priority access at the box office and concessions.

Another great thing about being a Premiere member is you earn points 5X faster than Insiders, and never have to worry about your rewards expiring. To become a member, you’ll only pay $15 a year (plus tax).

AMC Stubs A-List

The AMC Stubs A-List is your all-access pass to the silver screen. You can watch up to 3 movies every week, with no blackout dates. Even movies in premium formats like IMAX and RealD 3D are included. You also get all the Premiere perks.

And here’s even better news: AMC is currently offering a promo for those interested in becoming an A-lister. Pay only $0.99 on your first month instead of $20.

AMC loyalty stubs


How do I earn points?

Simply present your active AMC Stubs account—whether it’s your virtual card, AMC Stubs email address, or phone number—during checkout at any AMC Theatre. Making purchases online or through the AMC mobile app is even easier. You just need to log in to your account and you’ll automatically accrue points on all eligible transactions.

Do AMC Stubs points expire?

For Insider Members, the earned points will expire after 12 consecutive calendar months without a qualifying AMC Theatres transaction. However, you can extend the expiration date by continuing to earn points. Points do not expire for Premiere or A-List members.

Can I pay for my A-List or Premiere membership with AMC Stubs rewards?

Unfortunately, AMC Stubs rewards cannot be used towards the payment of AMC Stubs Premiere or A-List membership fees.
AMC ticket prices often compete with rivals, balancing quality and affordability to attract moviegoers seeking value and experience.

How can I start using my AMC Stubs Rewards?

All you have to do is activate your AMC Stubs rewards online and then apply them when adding a credit card or other coupons during checkout. Or inform the AMC staff that you’d like to apply your activated rewards. Insiders can use rewards for concession mobile orders and at the concession stand, while Premiere and A-List members can use their rewards on ticket and concession purchases both in-theater, online, and at Dreamscape at AMC locations.

AMC Stubs

How can I start earning points?

Insider members earn 20 points for every dollar spent, while Premiere and A-List members earn 5 times faster, with 100 points for every dollar spent on tickets, concessions, and other eligible purchases. Once you’ve accrued 5,000 points, you can activate $5 in rewards. Just go to the rewards tab on your AMC Stubs Dashboard in the mobile app or visit www.amctheatres.com/rewards to check your points balance and activate rewards for your next visit.

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