How Do AMC Ticket Prices Vary?

5 minute read | Published: April 03, 2024 | Updated: May 26, 2024

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Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: AMC’s Sightline program was already dropped last year. It was a controversial pricing program they tested, with 3 pricing tiers. Basically, front row seats and ADA seats were the cheapest, the middle seats were the most expensive and the rest of the seats were charged the regular price of a ticket.

The problem with the Sightline pricing was that people didn’t want to pay more for the best view. Comparing the ticketing tier to the pricing system used for concerts was just as ridiculous. The initiative received a lot of backlash and ended almost as soon as it started.

Now that we’ve got that doomed pricing strategy out of the way, let’s discuss how AMC ticket prices vary.

Time of the Day & Day of the Week

A matinee movie ticket is a ticket to see a film in the afternoon, usually before 4 pm. They cost less than tickets for evening shows. This is because fewer people go to the movies during the day, so theaters lower the prices to encourage more people to come.

AMC offers matinee tickets at 20 to 25% off the price of tickets for evening shows. This is a discount given to people who choose to watch movies earlier in the day. It helps attract more viewers during quieter times and allows people to save money on their movie-going experience.

Also, AMC offers discounted tickets on Tuesdays. They used to have $5 Tuesdays but I heard it’s now between $5 to $7. Still a good deal to me.

Movie Theater Premium Format

Premium formats like IMAX, Dolby Cinema, and RealD 3D offer an enhanced movie experience with top-notch sound and visuals. However, these upgrades come with a higher price tag, ranging from $17 to $30 per ticket at AMC. The good news is that these premium formats still have discounted prices if you attend the morning or early afternoon showings.

Adult, Child and Senior Ticket Prices

Adult ticket prices are typically higher compared to child and senior rates at movie theaters. For instance, a standard or evening adult ticket might cost $16.49. However, children between the ages of 2 and 12 pay a bit less, with a child standard ticket costing $13.49 in some locations while seniors aged 60 and up often enjoy discounted rates which are $1 to $2 cheaper than adult tickets. Usually a standard senior ticket for evening showtimes cost $14.99.

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Student & Military Discounts

If you have a valid student ID or military ID, you may also be entitled to discounts from many AMC locations. The discount varies but typically it’s around 10% of the ticket price.

Member vs Non-Member

AMC Stubs members receive perks that non-members don’t have access to such as free upgrades, waived online transaction fees and other exclusive deals. The AMC Stubs A-List also entitles the member to 3 free movies per week.

Special Events Discounts

AMC Theatre may offer other discounts during special events, which can change the price of the movie tickets. For example, during last year’s National Cinema Day, AMC sold Barbie and Oppenheimer tickets for just $4. These were truly amazing deals considering that it also included access to premier formats like IMAX. The year before, they lured eight million moviegoers with their $3 tickets giving them the chance to watch Top Gun: Maverick for cheap.

Ways You Can Get Cheap Movie Tickets at AMC

If you enjoy watching movies at the theater, it would make a lot of sense to know how you can avoid spending a fortune on this hobby of yours. So let me share some tips I’ve learned over the years so you too can get cheap AMC movie tickets:

1. Become an AMC Stubs A-List Member

AMC Stubs Premiere offers discounted tickets on Tuesdays as well as free upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks and all you have to do is pay $15 per year. But an even better option for avid moviegoers is the AMC Stubs A-List. Not only will you get the perks available with Premiere but you also get 3 free movies per week including movies in premium formats. The cost of the membership is just $20 per month.

2. Check Out Costco Deals

Did you know that Costco sells movie tickets and gift cards at discounted rates? Next time you’re stocking up on groceries, take a detour to the ticket section and score great deals on tickets. Right now you can purchase 2 Standard Black Tickets + a $20 E-gift Card for just $39.99.

3. Choose the Right Day

Save a few bucks by planning your movie nights strategically. Many theaters offer discounted prices on specific days of the week, and in the case of AMC it’s Tuesdays.

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4. Hunt for Discounts

Bring your ID and explore potential discounts available at the ticket counter. Many theaters including AMC offer special pricing for military personnel, students, seniors, and families. These military and senior discounts may apply on select days or showtimes, so it’s worth checking in advance.

5. Cash in on Coupons

Look for AMC discounts on coupon websites or apps. You might find offers like a percentage off your ticket or free concessions with a purchase.

6. Take Your Kids to Summer Movie Camp

Between 6/21 to 8/15, AMC lets you enjoy Summer Movie Camp where you can watch some of your favorite illumination films for just $3 per ticket. Check out this page to see what movies will be shown.

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