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5 minute read | Published: April 03, 2024 | Updated: May 26, 2024

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watching a movie with friends

A few weeks ago, I went to AMC Madison Yards 8 to watch Dune 2 with some friends. Jane, one of my companions, had not been to the theaters in years so she was amazed at all the changes – better seats, more menu choices and modern design. She was also surprised – rather, shocked – to find the current AMC ticket prices to be much higher than the last time she bought them.

While AMC tickets are not as expensive as the tickets at Eclipse Theaters in Las Vegas, they can get expensive especially if you go for premium movie formats like IMAX, Dolby Digital and RealD 3D.

Current AMC Ticket Prices

If you’re curious to know the latest AMC ticket prices, they are as follows:


AMC Dine-In’s morning tickets cost only $6.99 across the board. Noon’s a little pricier at $12.39 for adults and $10.89 for kids and seniors. Afternoon and evening showtimes have tickets that cost $14.89 for adults, $11.89 for kids, and $13.39 for seniors.


Morning showtimes start at $12.49 (adults, kids and seniors). Noon shows cost $17.89 for adults and $16.39 for kids and seniors. By the afternoon and evening, cost of movie tickets are $20.39 for adults, $17.39 for kids, and $18.90 for seniors.

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Noon screening tickets are priced $18.39 for adults and $16.89 for kids and seniors. Later shows cost $20.89 for adults, $17.89 for kids, and $19.40 for seniors.


If you’re watching a movie at noon, ticket prices for adults are $16.39 and prices for kids and seniors are $14.89. Afternoon and evening shows cost $18.89 for adults, $15.89 for kids, and $17.39 for seniors.

Is Watching a Movie at AMC Worth It?

I can’t speak for everyone but here are my personal inputs about watching movies at AMC:

First of all, it’s cheaper compared to other cinema circuits like Cinepolis which costs at least a couple dollars more per ticket. Moreover, AMC has deals that are hard to refuse. For example, if you’re an AMC Stubs member you can take advantage of the $5 movie tickets on Tuesdays.

BTW, I heard that in some locations the price for Tuesday discounted tickets are now between $5 to $7.

AMC modern theater

Another reason why I prefer AMC over its competitors is that they have more locations than the rest. In my case, there are 3 AMC locations within 15 minutes drive from my home so it’s very convenient.

I’m also impressed by all the renovations and remodeling the theaters have underwent in the past couple of years. They now have plush recliner seats, Dolby Cinema, excellent projections and better sound quality. Food options are diverse too plus the MacGuffins Bar seems to be quite a hit.

These are just some of the reasons why I’ll always choose AMC over the others. But let’s see what other people have to say about AMC too, so you can decide whether you should give it a try.

AMC Customer Reviews

Here are a few reviews we’ve obtained from Trustpilot:

Immortal Lov – The best, the biggest, the most profitable theater in the world

Best in the world, AMC theaters offer excellent goods and services. professionals in the team and in management. The cleanest movie theaters I’ve ever seen, top-notch sound systems, and premium, delectable popcorn and appetizers. Excellent merks specials and ticket savings. The best offer available is for AMC Stubs® members. Overall, AMC is the pinnacle of the cinema industry. Only at AMC theaters do I watch movies.

Javier Bobadilla – I watched The Super Mario Bros

I watched The Super Mario Bros. Movie at AMC Kent Station 14. I’m a AMC stubs member and had two $5 cash rewards ready to redeem. I took my girlfriend to watch this movie and we both loved it. As always, we started with a large popcorn and coke. Both were gone before the previews ended. The movie was awesome! Jack Black definitely stole the show with his performance. I highly recommend big release in IMAX or Dolby. Nothing else can match the movie experience like air conditioning, comfy seats and an amazing picture. Let’s aogo!

Sean Krinsky – AMC is the best theater to see the movies!

  • Great Seats.
  • Great Screens.
  • Great Audio.
  • Great Snacks.

The upgraded seats and screens have really improved the experience at AMC.

Since the theaters reopened, I’ve seen Evil Dead Rises, Bones & All, Spiderman, Dr. Strange, and Top Gun: Maverik.

line at AMC

Then here are also a few reviews we got from TripAdvisor:

P7055EPthomasm – Great Experience with decent food choices

This is the first time we experienced this theater. We were met near the door and were instructed on how to pick up our tickets at the kiosk and how the food ordering worked. We went on in to the small theater to our reserved seats. The seats were comfortable and roomy. The sound system was very good and the viewing experience was great.

kelly e – Just do it!

It is a great location. The theater is clean, great IMAX 70mm experience. Do it again and again! We are picky where we see movies, it is the only place we go.

So there you have it. Price-wise, AMC may have become a tad more expensive than before but I think this applies to all movie theater chains across the country too. I still think that the prices are reasonable and the experience is well worth your money.

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