Bulk Ticket Purchase Discounts at AMC?

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AMC bulk tickets

Last month, I went to AMC to watch a movie and saw a group of around 70 people going inside a theater, wearing the same t-shirt. I was curious and decided to ask the concierge about it. She told me they were from a certain organization and had rented out the entire auditorium.

Up until that time, I didn’t know you could rent out an entire theater at AMC but apparently, you can. I asked further if they offered bulk ticket purchase discounts at AMC and her answer was, there are several ways you can get discounted tickets when buying in bulk.

And that, my friend, is the topic for this post.

Possible Reasons for Buying Group Tickets at AMC

Group ticket sales at AMC are actually not as uncommon as I initially thought. In fact, many schools, companies, organizations and groups purchase these for various purposes such as:

  • Teachers and schools buy group tickets with the aim of giving them a unique and memorable way to educate their students. So they schedule a field trip to AMC instead of simply doing some film-showing in their classroom.
  • Church groups, local organizations and even large families getting together for a reunion purchase these tickets in bulk so they can come together and watch some inspirational films.
  • Those celebrating special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and even marriage proposals also opt for private viewing at AMC where they can enjoy the show and eat some delicious snacks surrounded by loved ones and friends.
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How to Purchase Group Tickets at AMC

If you’re a large party interested to buy AMC tickets in bulk, it’s important to plan ahead. You should get in touch with the AMC local theater you plan on going to, or their website through this page. You need to coordinate with them at least 7 business days ahead. For purchasing the online tickets simply fill out the online form with all the necessary details and an AMC representative will get in touch with you in a few days.

How Much are the Bulk Ticket Purchase Discounts at AMC?

I’ve mentioned earlier that AMC has several options for you to get a discounted rate for bulk tickets. Let’s discuss what these options are.

First, there’s Group Sales. Basically, if you’re a large group, you can reach out to AMC via their website, fill out the form and one of their agents will get in touch with you to confirm your booking. According to AMC, group sales purchase may or may not have a discount. It would depend on the film you’re planning to watch and if you require a premium movie theater format. The AMC rep who will call you should be able to let you know whether you’re entitled to a discount.

Next option is through AMC corporate orders. You’ll be buying either Black or Yellow AMC tickets sold in pads of 50 (tickets). Each Black ticket is priced at $10.50, while each Yellow ticket costs $9. Black tickets can be used in any theaters in the US, while yellow tickets will require a surcharge of $1.75 per ticket if used in California, New York and New Jersey. Both types of tickets are also subject to surcharge for 3D and premium large screen formats like IMAX.

The third option would be buying tickets at Costco. On their website you can choose from the 10-Pack Black Movie Tickets for $49.97. You can also opt for the Two Standard/Digital Black Movie Tickets + $20 E-Gift Card for $39.99 or the Two Standard/Digital Yellow Movie Tickets + $20 E-Gift Card for $36.99. The e-gift card can be used to purchase movie tickets or concessions at AMC.

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AMC Group Bookings FAQS

Can payments be made at the theater directly?

Payments for buyouts must be settled in advance through the AMC group sales payment portal. However, payment on the day of the event can be arranged by providing a credit card to keep on file.

Is it possible to rent a party room?

Many AMC theaters may not offer party rooms but some might have options available. It’s best to contact the local theater or you may buy out a full auditorium for a more exclusive experience.

Are chaperones required to purchase a ticket?

Yes, chaperones are considered part of the total guest count and must purchase tickets.

Are outside food and drinks allowed?

While AMC offers a wide selection of snacks and drinks, if there are special catering needs, a $250 fee is required.

Are concession packages available?

Show Snacks coupons for popcorn and fountain drinks, available in bundles of 50 vouchers, can be purchased through AMC’s Corporate Orders page at discounted rates. Additionally, kid’s packs may be available at some locations.

When will showtimes be available for public showtimes?

Public showtime listings are usually available on their website. If not listed, they’ll be posted no later than the Wednesday before the event date.

Can a microphone be rented to welcome guests for an auditorium buyout?

Yes, a microphone can be rented for $100.

Is extended access available prior to the movie for an auditorium buyout?

Extended access to the auditorium before or after the movie is available for a fee of $250 per 30 minutes.

How can tickets be collected for an auditorium buyout?

Tickets purchased via the group sales payment portal will be emailed to you. Simply present the receipt to the theater manager on the event day. For payments made at the theater, tickets can be collected after processing, usually within 15-20 minutes.

What is the lead time required for booking a buyout?

All group bookings must be made at least 7 business days before the event.

If not all seats are used for a buyout, can others purchase tickets?

No, a buyout ensures exclusive use of every seat in the auditorium for the group.

What is the cancellation or rescheduling policy for a buyout?

Cancellation or changes must be submitted at least one week before the scheduled showtime to receive a full refund. Late cancellations incur a 50% fee, and refunds are not issued after the event has commenced.

For more information, you may contact AMC at BookYourGroup@amctheatres.com

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